Kojiki ed. Mystery and romance of myth -No.1-

Place of beginning

Why did I decide to go to Kojiki again?
It may be triggered by “Yatagarasu” in the subtitle.
What are you talking about? !! Those who think that is a normal reaction! !! It will be a little longer, but please be patient.
I have been thinking that “I want to do something for the sake of the world and for others” by making the most of myself.

Of course, it may be said that he contributes a lot to the world even in his main business, but (I wish I had done it), but one day, through “what I can do” to “for the world, for people” I want to do something It was only ego, but I felt like that.

“Company” for me

For me, a “company” is a place where you can create something, share joy, and learn while interacting with people with unique personalities. I feel that it is a place that can be achieved only by an organization, conversely what an organization cannot do, and a place where you can face and grow with such things. (Of course, the reverse is also true)

I think there are various opinions, but I believe that there is no “what is good” or “bad”, and “any experience is a property for enriching one’s life”. I think what is important is how to use that “experience.”

My goal is to get people’s encounters and experiences in my current work, and make the most of my sensibility to create “for the world, for people.” Then… what was the biggest challenge for me?

Try to act anyway!

Who am I and what can I do?

You can’t get out of this tunnel by just thinking! I think so,
Go to a place where you have something to do, interest or curiosity, try it. Anyway, I was conscious of taking action.

It’s an extreme, but when you’re worried, choose “If you don’t regret” based on “If you have only a few more lives, what will you choose?”
Believe that the amount of courage to act is definitely worth more. ..

Encounter and mysterious experience of visiting Kumano Sanzan

One day when I became tired of my daily work, “I want to go to Kumano Taisha”
I suddenly thought. It’s a place I’ve been interested in for a long time.

I can only go now! May be! I thought, January 10, 2020. One night and two days bullets to Wakayama… (Considering that after that, when I entered the self-restraint period in Corona, this feeling may not have been a mistake..)

This was a turning point now.

This is the first opportunity.

Even though I chose the company to get the skills and experience I wanted, every day I struggled with an environment and people different from my experience.
To be honest, wasn’t it right for me? I thought about quitting when I wasn’t doing anything.
The day before the trip to Kumano Sanzan, I suddenly woke up when I talked with the inn’s people that I was getting excited, drinking, and wondering if I should quit my job. is.

“Isn’t it regrettable that you’re worried?” “I can stop at any time.” I remembered my original intention. I felt that I could learn here, and joined the company with a little effort.
I should have decided to quit with this “temporary” feeling even though I arrived at all.
You can quit yourself from the bottom of my heart! Let’s continue until there is a break. I thought so.

The next day, I felt like I was going to visit my favorite shrine, Kumano Sanzan, but I felt like I was there.
Japan is full of wonderful culture, traditions and history.

Talk with yourself while walking through history. I want to share this feeling with various people. ..

The second opportunity was on my way home.
“When traveling, we know the land, know the history, and know the splendor of this country. We will connect the traditions of this country to future generations both in Japan and abroad. It will help improve the world.”
Strangely filled with that feeling,
“I want to convey the culture and history from my own perspective and the joy of traveling,” I clearly felt.

For me, traveling is an opportunity to talk to myself and look again.
It is important to talk with the local people, feel the history, and project on yourself.
I want to convey this feeling little by little.
I knew that I had the guidepost from the beginning, which I didn’t notice until now.

It was a mysterious experience that inspired me.
First of all, while doing what you should do (work), you can send the “essence of travel” to the world little by little. And it was a very long story that led to the “Managon route”.

Work is also an important place to learn, and now I have to do what I need to do.
Right now, I’m focusing on my main business, but I would like to send it here so that I will not be neglected.
Updates may be delayed, but we appreciate your understanding.

Guided by Yata glass…

Kumano Sanzan Kumano Hongu Taisha’s genus (servant of God) is Yatagarasu.

This crow, who has three legs, is very familiar in Japan!

Yatagarasu is a symbol of the Japanese football team, but it also appears in the Kojiki as a “messenger of God who leads the emperor to the right path (the path of victory).”

It’s a completely selfish assumption (laughs), but I was impressed by the fact that Mr. Yatagarus had guided me, so the TOP is the old site of Kumanomotomiya Shrine “Osaihara” and my own Yatagarasu.

By the way, Kumano Yamazo is called as follows.

Kumano Miyama benefits from “past, present and future”! ?

・Kumano Hongu Taisha=Future, Next Life (place that leads the future, place where you can benefit the next life)

・Kumano Hayatama Taisha=past/previous life (a place to heal the past/cleanse the sins of the previous life)

・Kumano Nachi Taisha=present・present life

Before heading to the HONGUTAISHA
There is a sign that says “The starting point of a new life”…
I thought I could replace it.

Kumano Sanzan: Let’s transmit the “tradition, culture, history” and “spirit of Japan” with great inspiration.
When I decided so, when I thought about where to start,
I immediately wondered if it was “Kojiki” that was full of Japanese spirit.

I decided to actually walk the place where Kojiki started and to share what I felt.
And let me tell you in my own words.
Let’s see what we can do. I thought so.

Before that, I would like to thank “Kumano Hongu Taisha”, which is where I started!
And I want to start the trip, so first of all, I will go to Wakayama


it continues・・・