What is the “Managon Route”?

Japanese should know again.

Those who can answer when asked “What is this festival for?”
“What is the difference between a shrine and a temple?”
I don’t think there are many.

Actually, I feel that we Japanese don’t understand Japan the most.
Shrines, temples, nature, historic buildings, shops and inns lined up in sightseeing spots,
casual everyday culture, customs.

They are not the norm, they are miracles that more and
more people have been able to connect to the present day through untiring efforts.

“What kind of historical background”
“What kind of feelings did people connect to today”
Dig deep into this part and feel “impression” to many people while entwining their own knowledge
I want to tell you. That was the reason for the “Managon Route” blog.

“Managon” is a nickname that was called by a friend when I was young.
With the hope that everyone will have a little “knowing” and enjoy
the journey on a different “route” (eyes and way of walking) that is different from usual,
with the hope that it will become an essence that makes life more colorful I made it the root.

Also, for people from overseas who are interested in Japan
Let’s enjoy Japanese culture and history even a little
This blog has a link for English translation.
I want to visit Japan, Japan is interesting! I would be happy if you could think so.(:

I think that it is unfamiliar and difficult to read, but I hope you enjoy reading it.
I am grateful for everyone’s miracle and excitement,
and I am grateful to them and “connecting” to somebody….
I hope my blog will be a catalyst for happiness.